The Farm

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Who we are

Hydro Organics Farm Corp. is a Puerto Rican  family owned enterprise dedicated to sustainable crop production and food security. We have a 30 acre farm, located on Carr. 997, km 4.7 on Vieques Island, off the East Coast of Puerto Rico.

We are dedicated to bringing fresh produce to an island that has virtually none of it. We supply local restaurants and residents with a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables. We also keep koi fish, which feed the plants grown both in gravel beds in a very basic aquaponic system that we designed and built. A second system based on the UVI Rakocy system was originally setup on the Roof of our current home, but has been shut down and will be transported to the farm, where it will reside inside our new greenhouse.

Our main purpose is to promote  sustainable agriculture practices, and to educate people about aquaponics and other sustainable food growing techniques. Our company is structured to function like a Benefit Corporation, which is a new concept in Puerto Rico and hasn´t been regulated. We will seek out a B Lab certification to show our dedication to the B Corps. ideals.  In keeping with these ideals our mission is sustainability and to benefit society and the environment.

We are currently in an expansion phase, looking to increase the availability and variety of our products.

 Team Hydro Organics

Our Story

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